The Sussex Inshore Fisheries & Conservation Authority (IFCA) has released tagged black bream into the Sussex Coastal Waters. The area of the release is Kingmere Rocks, the newly designated Marine Conservation Zone.

The purpose of taggingthe fish is to gain an understanding of the movement and behaviour of black bream. This information will be used to improve the management of the conservation zone.

The project relies on the information returned for the tagged black bream. The involvement of fishermen to report any tagged fish they may catchis paramount. As an incentive IFCA are running a prize draw to those returning information.

The plastic identification tags are attached next to the dorsal fin (the large fin at the top) and are about 75mm long. They come in three colours: flourescent green, red or blue.  Each tag has a reference number on it, which is used to identify the particular fish. The Green tags are particularly important as the fish has an acoustic tracking device fitted.

It is very important to return all fish unharmed if they are caught. You can download the original document from IFCA which gives further details on what to do if you find a tagged black bream