Diving equipment hire is now available for divers on-board. This equipment is for those who need extra equipment for training or have simply made that mistake of leaving an important piece of kit at home. Providing these extras will mean you do not miss a dive.


Basics such as O’rings that rescue a dive at the last minute are free and we continue to build on the amount of bits we can provide to keep our customers diving. Providing equipment hire aims to make the diving experience easier for our customers. In addition to the following equipment it is possible for equipment to be arranged for specific requirements. This equipment is sourced through specific dive centers or clubs at a prefferential rate for Defiance customers.

Equipment Hire Charges

Equipment is subject to availability and booking advance allows us to make the necessary arrangements.

Equipment Daily Rental replacement/damage cost
Cylinder (15/12/10l) inc air fill £10 £150
Cylinder (7l) stage (mix not included) £8 £150
Inspiration Cylinder (3l) O2 inc fill £14 £150
Inspiration Cylinder (3l) Diluent air fill included £10 £150
Aladin Dive Computer £12 £200
VR3 Dive Computer (C4) OC/CCR Trimix £25 £400
Weight belt £5 from £15
Ankle weights £2 £20
Fins £3 £50
Mask £3 £35
Torch £5 £30-£65
knife £2 £25
Compass £2 £25
SMB Reel £3 £35
Fins £3 £50
Neoprene dive hood £3 £25
Gloves £2 £15

Equipment Sales

Very shortly we will be able to offer equipment for sale. The first products to be offered will include lifting bags, SMB and DSMBs and goody bags. The prices and pictures of these products will be added as soon as the supply is confirmed.