This electricity dashboard is live data from the national grid. It shows where our electricity is coming from at any time.

On tours of the windfarm, you will learn about the Rampion windfarm project. The electricity dashboard is a tool to show how Rampion fits in the overall plan of future energy production.

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The UK is one of the world leaders in wind electricity generation. This electricity dashboard shows how the wind generation industry is contributing to the increasing demands. Offshore wind is the greatest growing sector in electricity generation to the National Grid

Watching the electricity dashboard at different points in the day throughout the year, demonstrates how the different production methods all contribute to the overall demand. Nuclear provides a continuous base level and wind is taking up more and more of the baseline production. Gas stations are still the biggest contributors to spikes in demand. Interconnector cables to European countries are becoming increasingly important as the power production aims to reduce the reliance on hydrocarbon fuels.