Position – 50 38.05N 0 13.02W


Circumstances of loss

Date of loss – 16 May 1917 sunk by torpedo by submarine UB40

Voyage – Sheerness – Barry with a cargo of military stores


The Pagenturm was torpedoed by UB40 on the starboard side by No 2 hold. 4 crew lost their lives in the explosion and the rest of the crew abandoned ship. The ship sank at 0730 just 80minutes after the torpedo struck.


Built – 1909 – JC Tecklenborg AG.

Owners – Royal Navy

Dimensions – 5000 tons 122m x 16m x 8m

Diving Information

The Pagenturm lies on her starboard side in a general depth of 44m. The bow points to the North. The wreck stands almost 20m high with a deep scour on the east.