There are many reasons why you would charter a boat. Defiance Charters is able to offer a number of services alongside the regular diving and sightseeing trips.


Scattering Ashes at Sea

Many people choose to have the ashes of their loved ones scattered at sea. We offer a sympathetic and unhurried service. Read More

Rampion Swim

Offshore Swimming Pilot

Defiance is the first boat to successfully escort a point-to-point swim from the Rampion windfarm back to Brighton West Pier. Read More

Sports Events

Defiance can be used to support sporting events. A large open deck allows excellent view of the event. The dive lift makes the boat ideal for safety cover, as people can be recovered from the sea easily and safely. There is ample space for equipment and treatment if necessary both outside and inside under cover.

The vessel can also be used as a race control platform or for laying racing marks.

Special Events

Special events such as the Eastbourne Air show or Brighton’s Burning of the Clocks can be watched from the sea. This gives an unprecedented view of the event on the seafront, without having to fight the crowds for a good view.

Film Work

Using a boat as a platform for filming such as in this example:

Diving Support/Safety Services

Defiance can be used as a standby platform for diving operations.


Defiance can be used for towing survey equipment. Defiance is equipped with full electronic navigation equipment, echosounder, totalscan sidescan system and an inspection ROV