Defiance Photo Gallery

The photgraphs featured in the gallery all relate to activities surrounding the boat and skipper. The photo albums are designed to give a feel for the activities on the boat. The gallery will also feature photos from the area related to the seas around Brighton.

A day fishing

Photographs taken during a mackerel fishing trip

South West Rocks

Images from South West Rocks during a Seasearch survey.


CCR100 set out to establish a world record for Mark Threadgold for the deepest dive for a totally blind person. The project is to raise awareness for St Dunstan\'s (Blind Veterans UK) that blindness is no obstacle.

Mine Diving

A brief look at the world of diving in flooded mines.

Extreme ironing

For a bit of fun John Rudolf with me supporting set the world record for the deepest ironing underwater. 129m


Some items that have been collected by friends whilst diving.

Rampion Offshore Windfarm

Construction of the Offshore Windfarm