Armed Trawler Lancer II
Armed Trawler Lancer II

Position – 50 44.20N 0 01.06E

Circumstances of loss

Date of loss – 18 July 1918 – Sunk in collision with HM Yacht Vagrant. The Vagrant took her in tow to Newhaven but the Lancer foundered and sunk.

Voyage – Newhaven


The Lancer was built as a fishing trawler and launched 17 December 1914. The Royal Navy purchased her on 11 December 1914 and renamed her HMT Lancer II.


Built – 1914 – Smiths Dock & Co, Hull

Owners – Royal Navy

Dimensions – 275 tons

Diving Information

The wreck of the Lancer lies in a general depth 21m. Some reports give the wreck as lying upside down. She is upright. The bow lies to the North East. The wreck has been identified by the makers plate with the number 596. The bow is slowly losing the plates exposing the structure of the vessel. There is a smaller piece of wreckage lying off the main wreck.