The state of the tide is very important for diving around Brighton. The tides can be strong and diving the wrecks safely require slack water. For Brighton area you use the Dover tide tables. Brighton’s High water time is only 2 minutes earlier and can be neglected for calculating dive times.

On the highwater the tide turns earlier inshore as a back current from Beachy Head starts to run back along the coast. So inshore the dive time will be about 1 hour earlier.

To the West of Brighton, on the low water there is not really a slack. Instead the ebb tide slows in the westerly direction and then flows South before heading East for the flooding tide.

As a rough guide the dive times are as follows:



Springs – HW-1 and HW+5.5

Neaps – HW-0.5 and HW+6


Springs – HW-1.5 and HW+5.5

Neaps – HW-1 and HW+5.5

Offshore (Over 6Nm approx)

HW and HW+6

Use the left and right controls below to scroll through the tidal streams around Brighton. Hover the mouse over to stop pause the picture and display additional information

Tide Times

To find the tide times you can use the Hydrographic Office Easytide calculator

or the information from Brighton Marina