A deposit is required to secure a full boat charter booking, for sightseeing, diving etc. The deposit must be received within 7 days of the booking to secure the date booked.

Bookings for individuals or small groups for the trips organised to the Rampion Offshore Windfarm, is only guaranteed upon receipt of full payment for the group.


The amount of the deposit can be calculated from the following:

Single day charter                 £100    or 50% of the charter fee whichever is the least

2 consecutive days               £200

3 – 5 consecutive days         £300

For non-consecutive days, more than 4 weeks apart the deposit can be rolled over.


Unless otherwise agreed, balance of the charter fee is due on or before the day of the charter. Payment is to be made in cash or by bank transfer.


Cancellation for a full boat charter must be made in writing (email). If the cancellation is made 28 days in advance of the booked date, the deposit will be refunded in full less a £5 administration fee. Cancellations between 14-28 days prior to departure will result in 50% of the deposit being refunded.

Cancellation of individuals or small groups less than 36hours from departure will be charged at full ticket cost. Cancellations between 36hours and 72 hours prior to departure will result in a 50% charge being made unless space can be re-filled. Prior to 72 hours the ticket can be transferred to an alternative date.


In the event that the charterer does not attend on the day booked, the full charter fee will be charged less any deposit paid.

Safety of vessel and passengers

The skipper has the right to cancel the booking on the day for any reason of safety prior to departure. If any member of the charterer’s party puts the safety of the vessel or any soul on-board at undue risk, then the charter will be terminated. The charter fee will be levied and the appropriate authorities informed.

Guidance regarding children

To be in-line with Maritime Coastguard Agency, Child Protection and general safety of children we have the following guidlines:

  • Babies cannot be taken out to sea
  • Children should be accompanied by a parent or guardian and supervised at all times. When children are not accompanied by a parent or guardian they should be accompanied by two supervising adults, one male and one female. The ratio of Adults to Children should not exceed 1:4.
  • Children must be 35Kg or more. (We can take a maximum of 2 children under this weight, if advised at the time of booking, in order for the correct safety equipment to be available on-board)
  • Children of all ages count as passengers when calculating the number of people on the boat.
  • For trips to the Rampion Offshore Windfarm or other trips offshore, we recommend that children should be in year 9 of school or older.

Safety of activities

It is the responsibility of the charterer to ensure that any activities on the boat are supervised accordingly and conducted safely by fit persons, trained appropriately, with suitable equipment.

The charterer is asked to provide a list of persons aboard the vessel prior to departure. The list should include: Name, Address, Next-of-Kin and contact phone number. Also any information, such as medical conditions, that may be relevant in the case of emergency.


Any person under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substance, will be viewed potentially putting the vessel or souls on-board at risk. The charter will be terminated and the full fee will be levied and the appropriate authorities informed. As a guide a person on-board should capable of legally driving a motor vehicle.


It is the sole decision of the skipper to decide if the weather conditions are suitable for the proposed trip. The charterer should contact the skipper the night before to confirm that the weather conditions are suitable. The full deposit will be refunded if the weather conditions are unfavourable. If weather conditions permit an alternative location to that proposed, this will be offered at the appropriate charter rate. The skipper is not responsible for conditions that may prohibit the proposed activity.

For individual tickets to the Rampion Windfarm, Beachy Head or similar the ticket will remain valid to reserve a future trip for up to one calendar year from the time of cancellation. If it is unlikely that a suitable trip will become available a request for a refund can be made. This request should be made in writing (email) within 28 days of cancellation and the refund will be made in full by the method of payment made.

Lost or Damaged Equipment

Lost or damaged equipment such as rods or tackle hired as part of the charter will be charged at the appropriate rate. Details of the prices for fishing tackle can be found on the Price Guide page. Damage to the vessel will be charged at cost for the repair.

Limit to Liability

Should the skipper cancel the charter due to unforeseen circumstances, such as mechanical breakdown, the limit to the liability shall be limited to the monies already paid.


This agreement will be under the jurisdiction of English Law