Safety on-board

boat picking up divers
Defiance at Sea with divers

Defiance operates under the MCA (Maritime & Coastguard Agency) code of practice for small commercial craft. A certificate is issued every year which ensures that the boat has all required safety equipment is installed on the vessel and maintained. Key pieces of safety equipment are:

  • A lifejacket for all on-board all fitted with lights and whistle.
  • A liferaft large enough to accommodate everybody on board complete with emergency equipment.
  • Flares.
  • Marine DSC Radio capable of transmitting a distress call automatically.
  • First Aid equipment

The level of equipment carried by Defiance allows her to operate up to 60miles from a safe haven, both day and night, with 10 passengers on-board.

General Comfort

Defiance is built with an extended wheelhouse. This is large enough to accommodate everybody on-board in poor weather. The lower cabin has two beds, whilst the upper cabin has bench seating around the outside.

A small galley area is in the forward cabin, so that tea and coffee can be made using the hot water heater.

A marine WC is installed in its own cubicle for privacy. On environmental grounds the WC should not be used within the Marina, where toilets are available and sewage should not be discharged when less than 3Nm from shore.

For Diving

Diver on Dive Lift
Diver on Dive Lift

Defiance is fitted with a dive lift in order to recover divers from the water. The lift lowers a platform several feet below the surface for the diver to stand on, which then is raised so that the diver can step directly onto the deck, through the door in the stern.

To kit-up there are seats either side of the boat, with further seating on the engine housing. All the seats have a back rail to attach cylinders when not in use.

Oxygen is carried onboard in case of a diving accident. Both on-demand and constant flow masks are carried for all types of casualty. Trained first aiders are always on-board to deal with any issues.

Navigational Equipment

In addition to the charts and almanacs required by the MCA Code of Practice, Defiance has three additional chart plotters and a further emergency hand-held GPS. The plotters are programmed with over 100 local wrecks and fishing grounds.

Radar is installed for poor visibility conditions. Class B AIS transponders broadcast the position of the boat at all times, so the boat can be tracked by apps such as MarineTraffic or Vesselfinder. Finally depth sounders and sidescan sonar are also installed.