Building the Rampion Offshore Windfarm

A souvenir booklet is now available. This booklet is currently exclusively available to customers taking the trip to the windfarm aboard Defiance.

Platform lifting turbine onto base
Placing a tower

The booklet summarises the detailed information given during the trip. It features over 60 photographs taken during the construction of the windfarm. The booklet contains 44 full colour pages, making it simple to flip through to find the information.

What the book is about

The Rampion project and renewables are important in the overall energy strategy in the UK. The booklet reflects this and the impact on climate change at the time the project reached its completion.

The timeline of the construction with descriptions of the processes that helped bring about the finished windfarm.

Technical information on the turbines installed at Rampion, including dimensions, are alongside operational criteria. Operation of turbines in general are accompanied by a description of their operation, which can differ from other turbines.

The photos include many of the main construction vessels that were visible from shore between 2016 and 2018. The booklet identifies many of the boats, who they where working for as well as their role in the construction.

The book costs £5.00 and is available to new and existing visitors to the windfarm aboard Defiance.

More information can also be found on our Facebook Page or search for “Rampion Boat Trips”