The Covid 19 pandemic of 2020 has meant a big change in the way we have been able to operate. The period we were able to run did highlight a number of issues with the layout of the current boat. The requirement for social distancing looks like it will be with us for some time to come. For this reason we have been in the process of replacing the current boat with a more suitable vessel that meets the need for passenger comfort and meets the needs of restrictions that we can foresee.

Unfortunately the Covid 19 restrictions has put a delay in the arrival of the new boat. For this reason we do not expect to be running trips ourselves for some time. However, we are in discussions to utilise a boat during this season, for people who have already booked last year. Until an agreementis in place we are not taking any bookings.

We would like to guide people to another operator during this period. However, there are no operators who offer a full talk and equivalent trip. We are proud of our 5 star rating and feel the other trips do not offer value for money.

We hope to be back soon.