Position – 50 38.65N 0 13.97W

HMS Minion
HMS Minion

Circumstances of loss

Date of loss – 11 October 1917 foundered

Voyage – Under tow to breakers in Germany


Discovered in 1974 but no recorded dive until 1982. Originally thought to be the wreck of an L Class destroyer and named as the Laforay. Later identified by the makers plate as the M Class Destroyer HMS Minion (1992).


Built – 1915 – Thorneycroft & Co, Stockton-on-Tees

Owners – Royal Navy

Dimensions – 1025 tons 84m x 8m

Diving Information

The HMS Minion lies in a general depth of 54m and stands  8m from the seabed. She is upright with much of the bridge collapsed. Wreck lies NE/SW.