U953 responsible for the sinking of the Glendinning
U953 responsible for the sinking of the Glendinning

Position – 50 34.17N 0 10.11W

Circumstances of loss

Date of loss – 5 Jul 1944 Torpedoed by U953

Voyage – Arromanches Beach, Normandy – London (in Ballast)

At 08.00  on 5 Jul, 1944, U-953 fired two torpedoes at the convoy ETC-27 in the English Channel off Cap d´Antifer. Marbach.  One ship was observed sinking and two ships were claimed sunk. However, only the Glendinning (Master John William Cromarty) was torpedoed and sunk. Two crewmen and two gunners were lost.

The master, 20 crewmen, seven gunners and one naval signalman were picked up by the British motor launch HM ML-250 (LtCdr J.D.S. Header) of the 19th ML-Flotilla, later transferred to HMS Fernie (L 11) (Lt J.A. Tricker, RN) and landed at Sheerness.


Completed in September 1921 as British Sheaf Garth for W.A. Souter & Co Ltd, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

1937 renamed Bramwell for Angel, Son & Co Ltd, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

1940 renamed Glendinning for George Gibson & Co Ltd, Leith.


Built – 1921 – Blyth Shipbuilding & Dry Docks Co Ltd, Blyth

Owners – George Gibson & Co Ltd, Leith

Dimensions – 1,927 tons

Diving Information

The wreck of the Glendinning lies in in a general depth of 63m. Measurements of the wreck site indicate it to measure 56x20m and stands 11m high. Divers report that wreck is upright . There are two holds and the stern is square. The bows lie to the NE