The Fortuna
The Fortuna

Position – 50 41.67N 0 02.36W

Circumstances of loss

Date of loss – 22 October 1916 sunk after hitting a mine laid by UC60

Voyage – Rotterdam – Cardiff in ballast


The wreck contains a cargo of cement in the holds. This contradicts the official report that she was in ballast. It is possible that this wreck has been mis-identified. However, the vessel is clearly dutch, from lettering on her portholes. A report in 1988 said the bell was recovered that proved the identity of the Fortuna. However, this has not been seen.


Built – 1913 – NV Werf Rijkee & Co, Amsterdam

Owners – Koninklijke Nederlandsche Maats

Dimensions – 1254 tons 76m x 11m x 5m

Diving Information

The wreck of the Fortuna lies in a general depth of 27m. She sits upright with a slight list to starboard. The bows lie to the east.