Guidelines for drone usage at or near Rampion Offshore Wind Farm

Safety is always the first issue to consider and it is the drone operators’ responsibility to comply with the Drone Code, as published by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).
Drones must be kept:-
1) at least 150 metres from working vessels and people at site, both offshore and onshore.
2) at least 50m from wind turbines and offshore substation
3) within sight of the operator
If the drone is being operated from a vessel, the vessel itself must stay out of the statutory 500m Safety Zone around construction activities on wind turbines and the offshore substation.

The drone operator will be held responsible for any incident or damage arising from failure to comply with the above.

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Drones aboard Defiance

In addition to the above and the Drone Code and any licensing that may be required to operate a drone. The drone needs to take off and land safely from the vessel and would only normally be considered within a group of drone operators or around passengers familiar with their operations.
Drone operators should also be aware that some Return-To-Home functions will not work as the boat will move. Drone operators will need to be able to control the craft to safely land and take off from a moving platform.