The government have issued guidance to the gemeral public regarding the control of the spread of Coronovirus. Current Government guidance can be found here.

Social Distancing

The key advice relevant to the services offered by us is to “Avoid small gatherings in public spaces” and “If you meet others when you are outdoors ensure that you stay at least 2 meters away”

Our Policy

In view of the government policy, we have taken the decision to cancel some of our trips. Most affected will be trips containing people booking in small groups. This will include our popular Rampion Windfarm Trip and the Beachy Head Trip.

As the trips predominantly use the external deck area, there is a lower risk than being in an enclosed space such as a restaurant. However, fresh air does not offer immunity. As we cannot guarantee 2m separation for everyone on the boat, the correct decision is to stop these trips until further guidance. Currently we expect this to not be until the end of April.

Trips that book the boat as a whole containing a close group of people, we hope that we still will be able to run. This would include trips such as scattering of ashes. However, we advise to follow current government guidelines particularly for the elderly and vunerable.


People holding vouchers for a trip to the windfarm that are due to expire, need to contact us to make sure that we can extend them until such time as restrictions are lifted.


Groups who have made bookings with us that cannot travel due to the Coronovirus outbreak can reschedule the trip at a later date or receive a full refund. We will not charge any administration charge for payments by bank transfer. Deposits refunded via Paypal will have a service charge as per their refund policy.