Effective Dates

These measures will become effective from July 17th,  2020 when trips are due to start again or when all the measures are in place, whichever is the latter.

The measures will remain in place until reviewed in lines with national guidance.


The following measures have been introduced in addition to the standard operating procedures aboard Defiance to minimise the risk of spreading the virus.

Social Distancing

A social distance shall be maintained of 2m between groups of individuals from different households and in exceptional circumstances this may be reduced to 1m if additional measures are in place.

To enable this:

  1. Defiance will be fitted with a partition along the centre line of the engine hatch to enable safe docking.
  2. The area between on the port side of this screen is to be for crew only for docking and anchoring.
  3. The cabin will be strictly for crew only. As the toilet is situated in the lower cabin, it will not be available for general use.
  4. Passengers will be asked to bring their own face masks.

Additional Equipment

  1. In case of emergency a face mask, gloves and face shield will be carried sufficient for everyone on board.
  2. Hand sanitiser is to be provided.


  1. Passengers will be asked to bring a face mask for their own use, if the 2m distance cannot be maintained for any reason.
  2. Hand sanitiser is to be provided for passengers.
  3. Boat will be cleaned with disinfectant between trips. To enable this, time between trips will be extended to at least 90 minutes.
  4. Drinks and food will not be provided at this time.

Number of passengers

  • Defiance will operate with a maximum of 6 passengers from a maximum of three households
  • Defiance will operate with up to 10 passengers if all passengers are from one household.

Boarding Procedures

Boarding of passengers will take place through the rear door. The use of Sanitiser on boarding is to be encouraged.

With a single group people will be able to board at any time. With two groups the smaller group will be asked to board first and sit on the starboard side behind the cabin. The second larger group will sit to the rear of the deck. Disembarkation will be in the reverse order

Securing the door will be done from the shore side.


  • The area on the port side of the engine is to be for crew only mooring, to enable release or pick up of the mid-line. This will be the last line released.
  • The starboard lines are to be removed prior to any passengers boarding
  • All mooring lines except the mid-line are to be released from shore side


  • Passengers will be asked to leave the name, email address and contact phone number for at least one person within the group.
  • Passengers will be asked to contact us immediately should any member of their group fall ill or suspected to have contracted Coronavirus for up to 21 days from the date of the trip.
  • All passengers who have been on the boat will be contacted if any reports of coronavirus are received.
  • Personal details collected under this provision will be destroyed after 21 days and not be used for any other purposes other than those described above.