Position – 50 43.60N 0 00.62E & 50 43.42N 0 00.64E

Circumstances of loss

Date of loss – 03 May1917 sunk by torpedo

Voyage – Bahia Blanca – Newcastle with a cargo of wheat


The Clodmoor was torpedoed in No 2 hold by UB48 at 3:30 and was abandoned 3 hours later. The survibors were taken off and landed at Newhaven. The ship sank at 19:59 that same evening.

The Clodmoor was commissioned by the Admiralty from 24 Feb, 1916 until 20 March, 1916  as HM Collier 1069.  She then transfered to the Italian government until 3 July, 1916 when she returned to the UK for collier duties, followed by a Royal Commission to transport wheat.


Built – 1902 – W Doxford, Sunderland

Owners – W Runcian & Co, Moor Line

Dimensions – 3753 tons 104m x 14m x 7m

Diving Information

The Clodmoor lies broken in two in a general depth of 20m. The wreck has often been listed as two wrecks. The Clodmoor and the Clan MacMillan. The Clan Macmillan lies offshore and has now been positively identified.