Position – 50 34.78N 0 15.42W

Circumstances of loss

Date of loss – 23 March 1917 sunk by torpedo

Voyage – London – Glasgow with a cargo of Coir


The Clan Macmillan was torpedoed by UB39. The ship had returned from Chittagong where she unloaded and then proceded to Glasgow with the remains of her cargo, 50 tons of coir matting. The torpedo struck her starboard side amidships at 0055 and the crew ababndoned ship. A second torpedo then struck. The U boat came alongside the lifeboats where the captain hid. The U boat then departed.


Built – 1902 – W Doxford, Sunderland

Owners – W Runcian & Co, Moor Line

Dimensions – 3753 tons 104m x 14m x 7m

Diving Information

The Clan Macmillan lies upright in a general depth of 60m. The Clan Macmillan is often listed as being inshore off Newhaven near the Clodmoor. The two wrecks off Newhaven are both parts of the Clodmoor.