City of Waterford
City of Waterford

Position – 50 40.55N 0 06.69W

Circumstances of loss

Date of loss – 14 April 1949 in collision with the Greek vessel ‘Marpessa’ in fog

Voyage – Antwerp – Cork with 1000tonnes of general cargo.


In 1946 The City of Waterford was sold by the Clyde Shipping Co to Palgrave Murphy, of Dublin.  She was renamed City of Waterford from Skerries II


Built – 1921 – Caldon Ship & Engineering Co Ltd. Dundee

Owners – Palgrave Murphy Ltd.

Dimensions – 1334 tons 82m x 11m x 5m

Diving Information

The wreck of the City of Waterford lies in a general depth of 36m and stands 10m off the seabed. She lies upright with a slight list to port. The bows is intact and lie to the west (102/282 degrees). The anchors are in place. Crane bases are in place beside the hold. No 2 hold has collapsed almost to the seabed. The superstructure which is amidships has partly collapsed. The port boiler is buried in debris and the starboard boiler is broken open. Behind this is the triple expansion engine, followed by the single aft hold. There is a large winch on the stern and stern is intact. The propeller was salvaged and the rudder is missing