The City of Brisbane
The City of Brisbane

Position – 50 44.58N 0 00.74E

Circumstances of loss

Date of loss – 3 August 1918 – Torpedoed behind engine room by UB57

Voyage – London – Beunos Aires in ballast


When sunk the masts of the City of Brisbane masts and funnels showed above the surface.  In 1922 the wreck was dispersed as she was a hazard to shipping.


Built – 1918 – Swan Hunter and Wigham, Newcastle-on-Tyne

Owners – Ellerman Lines

Dimensions – 7138 tons; 137m x 17m x 10m

Diving Information

The wreck of the City of Brisbane lies in a general depth 2om and stands 10m high in places. The dispersal of the wreck left the stern completely broken up. However, the bow is fairly intact. The superstructure has collapsed into the holds.