A new book is now available to accompany the windfarm tours aboard Defiance. This is the first edition published in February 2019, just weeks after the official announcement of the completion of the windfarm.

Building the Rampion Offshore Windfarm Book
Cover of new book on building the Rampion Windfarm

This new book is in full colour contains over 60 photgraphs taken during the actual construction of the windfarm. The text covers the construction process, leading to the fully operational windfarm we see today.

There are many contractors involved in the project. The roles of major contractors involved are listed.

Construction vessels fulfilled a major part of the works. Many are pictured as they work building the windfarm, to show how they are adapted for their specific tasks.

The principle construction techniques are illustrated, to give better insight into this project. The book gives an overview of the construction. People who are technically minded can ask further questions on the trips to the windfarm, as there is a great deal more information available on board Defiance.

The book is currently exclusively available to customers of Rampion Boat Trips on the windfarm tour. Copies will be available to purchase on board Defiance as a souvenir of the trip.

If you are interested in a windfarm trip. Please contact us via out contact page or by email to brightonboat@btinternet.com

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