Wreck fishing or deep sea fishing is probably the biggest challenge for the fisherman. This type of fishing is for the more experienced angler. The target species is wide-ranging but include cod, pollock and conger.

Pollack just landed
Pollack just landed

Pollock grow to over a metre in length and over 14kg but are generally half this length.  They are beautiful fish with silver-white sides and greenish-brown on top. They are solitary fish living on deep sea wrecks. Young live inshore within the rocks. They breed in January to April in shallower water, but generally live in very deep water.  They are generally not disturbed by divers but react greatly to camera flashes. They feed on smaller fish such as herring and sand eels. They are caught mainly on artificial lures imitating these animals.

Pollack - (pollachius pollachius)
Pollack – (pollachius pollachius)

Cod is the most biggest commercial fishing stock. They can grow to 170cm and 90Kg, but today an adult of 120cm and 11kg is the norm. Cod breed February to April. They eat seabed animals such as crabs, sea-urchins and shellfish as well as smaller fish like herring, sprats and flatfish.  They are caught on artificial lures imitating their prey.

Cod - (gadus morhua)
Cod – (gadus morhua)

Deep sea fishing is for the experienced angler. For this reason I will only take the experienced deep sea fishing.