Position – 50 39.15N 0 07.69E

Circumstances of loss

Date of loss – 25 June 1906 sunk whilst under tow following a collision.

Voyage – Seaham – St Nazaire with cargo of coal


The Ashford was in collision with the german barque Pirat sailing at full speed for Hamburg. The Ashford was hit in the stern and was taken under tow by the tug Dominion, but she was taking on a lot of water. After about 2 hours the tow was cast off and the Ashford rolled overand sank.


Built – 1881 – JL Thompson & Sons

Owners – J Hopper, Sunderland

Dimensions – 1909 tons 84m x 11m x 6m

Diving Information

The Ashford lies upright in a general depth of 35m with her bow to the South West.