Learn about Rampion Windfarm

Rampion Construction

If you have wondered how the rampion windfarm was constructed, you can find out all about the project on our 3 hour educational trip. Read More

Sea Swimming

Rampion Swim

Sea swimming is a popular activity. The windfarm is recognised as a challenging point-to-point swim, but to do it safely offshore a pilot boat is required. Read More


Diving - Read more

Sussex is an area containing numerous wrecks that are diveable. Chalk reefs can be dived easily and are a rare habitat. Divers need a boat to dive most of them. Defiance is set up for divers. Read More

Learn about Sea Life


Herring Gulls are not the only inhabitants of Brighton. Many seabirds, fish and mammals such as seals and dolphins pay a visit. Take an opportunity to see them in their natural habitat. Read More.


Rampion Offshore Windfarm

The sea creates reflections and light that attracts artists and photographers to see things differently. Defiance offers the opportunity to clubs and groups to capture images in the unusual light.