SeaSearch 2013

Extract from SeaSearch Report

Extract from SeaSearch Report

Defiance has been thanked for in the SeaSearch report for 2013. In 2013 Defiance Charters continued to be a big supporter of the SeaSearch project. Defiance is pictured above on a survey of the Kingmere Rocks and the nesting sites for Black Sea Bream. A full copy of the report can be found here NEWSLETTER2013EDIT1

In 2014 Defiance hopes to work again with SeaSearch. Plans include running Observer Courses at Brighton Marina with Defiance giving the opportunity to do the practical diving.

The South West Rocks Survey mentioned in the Seasearch report with conjunction with Brighton Marina Divers is hoped to be expanded and improved in the coming year. Paul Jackman the skipper of Defiance inserted the reference tags in the rocks for the regular surveys.

Lastly the gathering of more data for the Beachy Head West marine conservation zone is planned. Seasearch is fundamental source of biodiversity data contributing to the approval of these zones.