Windfarm Boat Trip

Rampion Trip
June 2016 the windfarm starts to take shape.

Defiance was the first boat to offer trips to the windfarm. The first trip was in June 2016,  just six months into the project when the foundations were being installed. This is a full year before any other. Paul, the owner skipper of Defiance worked on the Rampion Met-Mast leading up to the main construction, so has background history and knowledge of operations on the windfarm.

When to visit the windfarm

Trips to the windfarm are available throughout the year on good days. Dates that we intend to run run trips can be found on the calendar below. If you don’t see a date to suit you, please contact us using our form or email as other trips can be arranged.

It is approximately 10 miles to the closest corner of the Rampion Offshore Windfarm. from Brighton Marina. A trip will be approximately 3 hours. Calm weather is important. The trip returns from the windfarm returning to the Brighton West Pier and then tracks along Brighton Seafront.


If you wish to book a windfarm trip please contact us using our form or email We require an email for booking as we need to send you information about the trip and to keep you informed of the weather conditions and where to meet..

We are happy to answer questions over the phone. If calling (07711 325986), we may be at sea or out of range.

Why Choose Us?

we are the original and give the best information concerning the Rampion Windfarm Project.

No other boats can offer all of the following:

  • Defiance normally operates with two crew on-board. This enables crew to be on deck to assist and answer  questions.
  • Information on the windfarm project is on-board including the important facts and figures, both printed and on-screen
  • The trip normally returns along the Brighton seafront. Equavalent of an additional £8 trip
  • Defiance is equipped with seats with cushions for all.
  • A cabin is available for passengers in case of rain
  • Complimentary tea and coffee.
  • A toilet is on-board.
  • A opening in the back of the vessel for easier access. (no climbing over side)
  • We are the only company in Brighton offering trips who do not offer fishing trips as well. We do not feel that running trips after fishing from a vessel is appropriate.

Brighton Marina

The best place to access the windfarm is from Brighton Marina. The marina boasts numerous restaurants and places to relax, to make the trip part of a full days entertainment.

Brighton Marina is easy to find just minutes from Brighton centre and the train station. The marina is accessible by foot from Brighton and is served with a bus services and taxis. The marina also offers free parking in the multi-story car park.

Shoreham is slightly closer to the windfarm, however, Shoreham is governed lock gates and tides, making regular excursions more difficult and does not have the access nor range of other amenities.

Rampion Windfarm Project

In January 2016 construction of the Rampion offshore windfarm started. Competeion of the windfarm was in January 2019 approximately 6 monthss later than scheduled. The windfarm is situated between 13 and 20km from the sussex coast from Worthing stretching down to Brighton. There are 116 turbines in total capable of generating enough power for nearly 300,000 homes.

Rampion Location


Each wind turbine is constructed from three basic elements.

  1. Monopile Foundation
  2. Transition Piece
  3. Wind Turbine
Costruction vessel istalling a monopile

The monopile is a hollow steel tube that is driven into the seabed to provide the support for the structure. The pile also has exit routes underwater for cables, etc. The monopile itself is about 6m in diameter and tapers towards the top. These will be up to 78m long, weighing ip to 826tonnes and will be driven up to 37m into the seabed, which will take about 5 hours if all goes well.

transition piece

The transition piece sits on top of the monopile and is the structural interface between the monopile and the turbine. It has a work platform as well as boat landings and ladders to give access to the turbine. The platform sits about 20m above the low tide level. This piece weighs in about 215 tonnes.

The turbine itself fits on top of this. The turbines to be fitted at Rampion each can generate 3.45MW. They have a rotor diameter of 112m which will mean the tip will reach 141m.

Inside the windfarm
Inside the windfarm

Other Rampion Structures

Approaching the Rampion Met mast
Approaching the Rampion Met mast

In addition to the turbines a met mast was installed in 2012 in advance of the construction to monitor wind and sea conditions.

The turbines are connected into an offshore substation, which will raise the voltage for transmitting the electricity to shore via one of the export cables. The cables are a significant part of the project and nearly 16Km will be burried into the seabed for the windfarm.

Rampion Offshore Substation
Rampion Offshore Substation