Installing a wind turbine

Adventure lifting tower

On our trips to the Rampion Windfarm construction site. We are able to witness the installation of wind turbines at various stages.  Pictured is MPI Adventure lifting a tower onto the base installed last year.

Placing a tower

MPI Adventure and the other wind turbine installation vessel MPI Discovery can carry a total of 8 turbines per load. Each load of the the Vesta turbines are loaded in Denmark, and the vessel then sails to the Rampion windfarm off Sussex. The towers are stacked either side of the vessel and can be easily seen stood up on deck. The blades are stacked horizontally behind the bridge and are a bit horder to see. The generator itself or nacelle are also on deck, but not visible.

Picking up Blade
Picking up Blade

Once in position, the vessel turns from a ship to a working platform by jacking up on its six legs. The process of assembing the 5 main components usually only take 24 hours. Once the tower is in position the nacelle is lifted on top. Lastly each of the the three blades are lifted from the stack using the specially designed cradle visible in the picture and each one bolted on. Once complete the vessel lowers itself back down to become a ship once more in order to move to the next location. Where the process starts again.