Charter Information

Defiance is an Aquastar 33 motorboat, that is available for charter from Brighton Marina.  The most common reason to charter a boat is to partake in leisure activities such as diving or a sightseeing trip along the coast. Trips along Brighton seafront and the Seven Sisters Country Park are the most popular.

Defiance on her mooring


When chartered for diving, the Sussex coast features chalk cliffs and gulleys underwater. This environment is extremely rare in Europe and is of particular interest to those studying the unique marine biodiversity. Take a look at the Marine Life page for information.

In addition to the chalk outcrops the area is famed for shipwrecks, the majority of which date from the two world wars when the U-boats hunted continuously, in a hope to starve Britain of the essential supplies needed.

Shoreline trip

Alternatively, you can take a leisurely cruise along Brighton Seafront. Charter trips along the coast can be arranged from one hour, which is ideal to see the city from the sea. Longer trips are arranged to view the stunning South Downs National Park down to Beachy Head.

Beachy Head Lighthouse
Beachy Head Lighthouse

Rampion Offshore Windfarm

Wind Turbines
Wind Turbines

The trip that Defiance is renowned for is the trip to the Rampion Offshore Windfarm. This trip is featured in an article in the New Statesman and on BBC radio. The 3 hour trip is unique as it is a full educational experience where you learn about the construction and operation of the windfarm in detail. This trip is well suited to an evening trip as the sun sets.